01. We [hacked] a few dead branches off the tree to burn as firewood.
02. A number of villagers were [hacked] to death with axes and machetes by the guerrillas.
03. It took us hours to [hack] through the dense undergrowth of the forest to the beach.
04. We worked for the summer [hacking] running trails through the bush at a local lake.
05. I have been trying to [hack] away at my credit card bill by paying a few dollars on it every week.
06. People can easily [hack] into your computer system, and make all kinds of trouble if they want to.
07. The newspaper reported that someone had [hacked] into the computer security system at the site where the world leaders were meeting to discuss reducing international trade barriers.
08. The brave knight [hacked] off the dragon's head with a single mighty swing of his magic sword.
09. He accidentally [hacked] off a finger while chopping wood.
10. It is incredibly simple for someone to [hack] into your computer, and look at all the information stored there.
11. Computer [hackers] are an international security threat in today's technological world.
12. Until the 1950s, Tibetans disposed of their dead by taking the body up a hill, [hacking] it up, and feeding it to the birds.
13. Studies show that 75% of the corporate victims of computer [hacking] pay an average of $1 million per intrusion to investigate, repair, and secure their systems.
14. Thoreau once remarked that there are a thousand [hacking] at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.
15. James Evans once noted that to work through an interpreter is like [hacking] one's way through a forest with a feather.
16. Mason Cooley once observed, "Death is [hacking] away at my address book and party lists."
17. Anthony J. D'Angelo once said that when solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just [hacking] at the leaves.
18. In September of 1987, computer [hackers] in Germany announced they had tapped into NASA's computer system.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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